Homemade Semi-hard Cultured Cheese

I decided I want to go a bit further with my homemade cheese-making experience and I managed to make a semi-hard cheese.

Nothing complicated in this process, just a little patience – about a week and is done. I used the same process as for making the feta cheese.

I took a small quantity of unsalted feta and put it in a mold and press it down really well until it was almost dry. Then I place the piece of cheese on a rack and let it sit there at room temperature (22-24 Celsius degrees) for about a week, covered with a piece of cheesecloth and turning it 2-3 times a day.

After this period it was done. Absolutely delicious 🙂

Nothing like shop-bought produce. Definitely a winner!

Cottage cheese – the easy way

There are two ways of making cottage cheese.

One is using soured milk (simply let fresh milk to ferment and sour by keeping it in a warm place for a day) that is heated to about 60-65 Celsius degrees until it curds. Than you strain the curds and get the cottage cheese.

The second method is quicker, as you don’t need to wait for the milk to sour for a day. Just heat the milk to about 60 Celsius degrees then remove from the heat and add some vinegar. I used 4 large tablespoon for 2 liters of milk. Stir slowly for a couple of minutes until the curd will separate from the whey.

Than strain the curds and you get the cottage cheese.

You can store the cottage cheese into a sealable container and place in the refrigerator.

You can also use the whey as you would use milk in making pancakes or to make bread. Or just use it in your morning smoothies.

Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Using the same foam (fat) from the milk

I made some chocolate ice cream.

Beat the foam until it looks like cream, it will not be that fluffy but still got a lot of air into it

Melt some dark chocolate

until fully melt, if needed add a bit of milk

And for extra darkness add some cocoa

Stir well and add the foam one spoon at a time, mixing well every time

When all the foam is mixed with the melted chocolate

Put it into ice cream molds and freeze it for few hours

Flavored coffee spread

After boiling the milk I put it in glass bottles in the fridge, but before putting it in the bottles I collect all the foam (fat) that has formed on top of the milk while cooling.

I use this to either make butter or different types of sweet spreads.

This time I made flavored coffee spread. I put the collected foam in a pan, added some sugar, not much, and few teaspoons of Irish Cream flavored instant coffee.

Give them all a short boil, it will quickly thicken. Put it while hot in a clean jar, let it cool and than store the spread in the fridge.

Use to flavor your coffee instead the usual coffee creamer, spread on pancakes or biscuits near your morning coffee, or just eat it with a spoon straight from the jar 🙂

Chifle cu menta si stevie

Am ramas datoare cu un experiment: sa folosesc la indulcit aluat pudra de frunze de stevie (stevia rebaudiana).

Asa ca am facut un aluat in care am folosit doar pudra de frunze de stevie. O cana mare (300 ml) iaurt, 3 oua, o lingurita cu varf de pudra de stevie si o lingurita cu varf pudra de menta, faina cat cuprinde sa iasa un aluat molcut, usor lipicios si praf de copt.

Am framantat aluatul si l-am portionat (mi-au iesit 15 buc)

Le-am copt 20-25 minute si gata chiflele

Au crescut bine, sunt pufoase si dulci ca si cand as fi pus vreo 3 linguri de zahar si usor mentolate

Clar anul asta imi maresc productia de stevie 🙂

Experiment total reusit !

Unturi aromate

Cand isi face omul acasa untul are chef de experimente. Pe langa untul simplu, clasic, sarat

Imi vine mereu chef sa fac unt aromat si va spun drept ca abia astept sa primesc laptele sa incerc noi variante.

Pana acum in meniu

Unt cu pudra de leurda

Unt cu pudra de hribi

Unt cu miere si merisoare uscate

Favoritul meu, pe care nu am mai apucat sa-l pozez este untul cu miere si scortisoara.

Pe saptamana viitoare am in plan: unt cu pudra de ardei iute, unt cu sare cu vin rosu si unt cu pudra de rozmarin.

Posibilitatile sunt infinite atat in varianta sarata cat si in cea dulce 🙂

Unt de casa

Cum mai nou avem din belsug lapte proaspat de bivolita, implicit avem si multe produse lactate adiacente. Laptele de bivolita e mult mai gras decat cel de vaca si ca atare pe suprafata laptelui fiert se aduna o multime de grasime care nu prea ne place sa o bem in lapte, asa ca o adun intr-un castron si o tin la frigider pana se aduna suficienta si fac unt.

Pun smatana in borcanul special de batut unt (se poate face unt si cu robotul)

si o bat pana se alege untul

iar zerul rezultat il folosesc la gatit

Daca am prea mult unt pe care urmeaza sa il pastrez, il fierb si il transform in ghee.

Asa am mereu asigurat unt proaspat sau ghee in functie de necesitati 🙂

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