Homemade Aloe Vera lotion

I realized that no matter how natural are my shop bought skin care products they are far from the homemade ones.

As summer is that time of year when my skin is exposed the most to the sun, garden plants that can cause allergies or scratches, bugs bites, dust and dirt that clog the pores and cause acne issues, I had to come up with a recipe that suits my skin and solve all these skin issues in no time 🙂

So I made myself an Aloe Vera skin lotion.

I cut a big leaf from the base of my plant

Wash it well

Peel it off from one side to expose the gel

Scoop the gel into a bowl

Mash it with a fork

Until the pulp release the liquid

Cover and let it sit in fridge for few hours. It will oxidize into a beautiful pink

Strain the liquid, pressing down the remaining pulp to get as much liquid as possible

Put the liquid into a small glass bottle and add few drops of tea tree essential oil, vitamin E and sweet almond oil

I am not going to explain here the benefit of each ingredient, you can find their benefits over the internet

The oils will float on top of the aloe liquid

So it needs to be shake well before each use

I put my lotion into two different type of bottles, one with a roll-on to use for sunburns, allergies or scratches and bugs bites on my body

And one with a normal lid to use on my face for acne issues. To not contaminate the lotion I use a cotton swab to apply the lotion and than drop it and use a clean one each time

This is my Aloe Vera homemade lotion and it works miracles on my skin.

I keep them in the fridge and use as needed.

Nails and cuticles oil

In some of my pictures you could see that I have long nails, I just love having them long even sometimes I have to cut them really short because they break so easily. Keeping them long and healthy is a real battle while gardening, cooking and doing daily jobs around the house. So I tried to find a natural way to feed them to maintain them in good shape.

I found the solution that works best for me and is the most convenient and natural way to feed my nails and cuticles, but also good for the skin of my hands which become very dry after a day in the garden or after keeping my hands in water for too long.

A simple mixture of almond oil and vitamin E is all you need. I added 5 drops of vitamin E to every 15 ml of almond oil in a small glass jar and use it to gently massage my cuticles and nails every evening before I go to bed and every morning before I leave the house to go to job.

I am so pleased with the result, so that is why I share it with you in case you might want to try it 🙂

Sort pentru adunat oua

Am vazut mai demult proiectul asta pe pinterest si mi-am zis atunci ca odata o sa-l fac. Ei bine, am gasit acum momentul perfect si iubitoarea de gaini ideala care sa-l foloseasca.

Nu garantez ca e cel mai practic mod de a aduna ouale din cuibar, dar cu siguranta este cel mai amuzant 🙂

Asadar am realizat un sort pentru adunat oua. Am facut intai sortul, apoi i-am aplicat doua buzunare pe care le-am impartit astfel incat fiecare ou (6 buc pe rand) sa ocupe un spatiu individual.

Apoi am testat rezultatul 🙂

Verdictul – se potrivesc perfect 🙂

Si cu inca cateva proiecte de genul asta imi trece mie iarna si vine primavara si iesim in gradina 😀

Inca o preocupare

Nu de multa vreme mi-am luat o jucarie noua – aparat de pirogravura. De mult cochetam cu ideea dar parca n-am avut curajul. In sfarsit am facut-o si pe asta. Am inceput timid, ca si copiii

Apoi am prins curaj

si pe urma si mai mult curaj, ajutata de o frumoasa sursa de inspiratie 🙂

Noroc ca-i lunga iarna si nu ma plictisesc 🙂

Voi ce preocupari aveti cand nu gradinariti?

Culcus pentru pisicuta

Se iau manecile de la o bluza, se umplu cu melana si se cos peolalta.

Dupa care se invelesc cu blanita care a fost candva gulerul bluzei 🙂 numai pe partea de deasupra ca pe dedesubt nu ajunge 😀

Se face o perinita rotunda (relativ) cat sa potriveasca la interior si se face si pentru ea invelitoare de blanita din ce-a mai ramas

Apoi se cos laolalta

Se verifica daca se aseaza bine

Se cos impreuna

Apoi se decoreaza baza cu material sa nu se vada cusaturile 🙂

Pentru pisicute fericite, costuri zero 🙂

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