Jurnal pentru iubitorii de gaini

Daca sunteti la fel de pasionati de gaini ca mine puteti sa descarcati Chicken Keeping Journal din dreapta paginii sau de aici si sa il listati apoi sa il completati.

E distractiv 🙂

Crantanele pentru iepure

Cand ramai in casa si se termina crantanelele pentru iepure … pui mana si rascolesti netul, apoi faci inventar la ingrediente posibile si te pui pe treaba 🙂

Fulgi de ovaz, morcovi, malai si lamaita uscata plus doua linguri de apa sa se lege totul mai bine.

Se mixeaza pana se face totul o pasta groasa.

Se fac bilute, iar ca sa fie mai usor de modelat le-am dat prin faina de porumb, nu malai, faina.

Le-am dat la cuptor la foc mic de tot cu usa intredeschisa pentru cateva ore pana s-au intarit.

Cred ca ar fi mers bine si in deshidrator dar mi-a fost lene sa-l mai scot si pe ala de la pastrare.

Se pastreaza intr-un recipient inchis eremetic sa nu patrunda umezeala.

Si musai scrieti pe borcan, ca altfel, la cat de bine miros s-ar putea sa atenteze si alti membrii ai familiei la ele 🙂

Cred ca lamaita se poate inlocui cu orice plante uscate aveti in exces 🙂

Fonta – buna la toate

Aveam 3 tigai-cratite de teflon. Doua si-au trait viata, tigaia de clatite si o cratita, asa ca am decis sa le inlocuiesc cu o cratita din fonta.

Am luat una destul de mare sa fie loc in ea de gatit de toate 🙂

Si pana acum ma declar super multumita. Desi la inceput eram putin reticenta la ritualul de folosire al unei cratite de fonta, acum ma bucur ca o am.

Am gatit in ea tot felul, de la cartofi prajiti, carne fripta pana la paine si clatite, nimic nu se lipeste daca ai grija de ea.

Acum ma bate gandul sa cotrobai prin camara bunicii sa vad daca pot readuce la viata cratita ei veche de fonta si daca reusesc atunci pe buna dreptate se zice ca poti sa lasi mostenire o astfel de cratita 🙂

Sa revenim :)

Am testat aproape un an varianta in engleza a blogului. N-am observat nicio diferenta majora in materie de “activitate” gen comentarii, vizualizari sau like-uri, nu ca m-ar fi ajutat asta cu ceva, dar asa doar ca idee de cat de multa lume ma citeste si ma urmareste. Asadar, revin la forma initiala, fie ca voi avea sau nu “activitate” pe blog. La urma urmei e pasiunea mea si scriu aici penrtu ca imi place mie, nu neaparat pentru cata lume ma citeste 🙂

An alternative to incense sticks

Sometime I feel the need to change the “smell” in the house. This is usually after a very “smelly” dish that I cooked or in any other situation when the air in the house is not how it suppose to be not even after a tedious aeration.

Some time I use incense sticks, but for a healthier alternative I use Frankincense. I have a stone recipient big enough to accommodate a disc of charcoal, I light the charcoal than put a small piece of Frankincense on top and let it burn until is over. In no time all of the bed smells are gone 🙂

I don’t use it for religious or spiritual rituals, I just like the smell 🙂

Do you use Frankincense?

The best garlic press

As you probably know by now I like my food spicy, and using garlic is one of the ways to spice my dishes. Over the years I changed many garlic presses.

The first one I got was large enough to suit 2-3 cloves, but it was made of aluminum and was not suitable to be washed in the dishwasher.

The second one I got was stainless steel, suitable for dishwasher but not big enough, it only crashed one clove at a time.

I bought a bigger one this time, suitable for dishwasher also, but unfortunately, because it is made of plastic is not strong enough to crash the amount of garlic that you can fit in it.

In the end I found the perfect garlic press: strong, large and suitable for dishwasher

In just few moves I can crush a dozen cloves

The best garlic press for me 🙂

Do you have a favorite kitchen gadget?

Spotted – the game

We like to travel, a lot, but sometime long trips in the car can transform any kid into a bored one. I let my girl to play on the tablet or watch cartoons in the car but she doesn’t do it very often. We play all sort of games but in the end, if the trip is too long we all get bored. So I search for something that will keep all of us busy in the car and I found “Spotted” – the game.

I wanted to tell you about this game because we like it very much, is not a payed advertisement, is my opinion.

It’s a family game, even if it’s for 2 persons, everybody in the car can contribute, at least we do so 🙂

It has 2 board where you place 12 tokens from a main bag with lots of images and every time you see something on the road that you have on your board you put that token in your bag and take another token from the main bag. I am not going to explain here the rules of the game, you can find it on the internet.

The most interesting thing is that it has 4 empty tokens that you can customize with images that the author of the game didn’t think of. Well for us 4 were not enough so we made another 8 more and I am sure there are even more to come.

We used some sort of woody-cardboard to make the tokens and stickers with images that we printed.

Is a bit of work to make the tokens to fit exactly into the board, but after a few you got the idea and the work goes smoothly 🙂

The two on the top are the original ones and the two on the bottom are the ones we made, not much of a difference 🙂

Anyway, I recommend this game to everyone who have children and like to travel.

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