Potatoes that I’m growing this year

I ordered some seed potatoes to grow this year.

They are kind of special, not the usual type of potatoes that we grow in our garden every year.

Pink Fir Apple – one of the oldest varieties, buttery waxy texture and nutty flavour

Lily Rose – red skinned, red-flesh

Purple Rain – purple flesh and purple skin

Mayan Twilight – red and white skin, deep yellow flesh

If you want to try them I have them from https://www.patchseedpotatoes.co.uk

Strawberries – spring clean-up

My strawberries have been green all winter and now are starting to show up some new leaves, so it’s time for a little cleaning.

Cutting off all dead and dying leaves will help them promote even more new leaves.

They look better and healthier already 🙂

In autumn I forgot to pot up some runners and even those are showing new signs of life, so I’m thinking to pot them now, maybe is not too late.

Spring has already arrived in my balcony.


De o vreme incoace, as zice chiar cam de multisor, activitatea pe blogurile romanesti de gradinarit a scazut considerabil. Unii nu au mai scris deloc, altii s-au mutat pe retelele de socializare. Asa ca am hotarat ca de acum inainte sa scriu pe blog in engleza si adresa blogului va deveni http://www.greenzonelife.com.

L.E. Pentru cei care ma citesc si nu stiu engleza am pus un buton de traducere in partea dreapta sus.

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