An alternative to incense sticks

Sometime I feel the need to change the “smell” in the house. This is usually after a very “smelly” dish that I cooked or in any other situation when the air in the house is not how it suppose to be not even after a tedious aeration.

Some time I use incense sticks, but for a healthier alternative I use Frankincense. I have a stone recipient big enough to accommodate a disc of charcoal, I light the charcoal than put a small piece of Frankincense on top and let it burn until is over. In no time all of the bed smells are gone 🙂

I don’t use it for religious or spiritual rituals, I just like the smell 🙂

Do you use Frankincense?

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. fiordaliso
    Oct 02, 2019 @ 14:17:34

    Si eu folosesc exact in acelasi scop 🙂 nu am nici un vas special dar o pun pe plita de la aragaz, am o plita groasa din aluminiu.


  2. Geta Teo
    Oct 02, 2019 @ 15:03:31

    Da si eu folosesc in lampita de aromaterapie dar de curind mi-am cumparat si o lampa catalitica pentru miros frumos in casa care functioneaza cu parfumant si tocmai am postat pe blogul meu un tutorial de folosire. Imi place si vasul tau foarte mult!


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